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Answers to common questions about bankruptcy.

Keep Your Nest Egg


Don’t take money out of your retirement account to ease a temporary economic crunch.

Difficult times come and go; and sometimes they seem insurmountable.  When that happens, it might appear wise to tap into the 401k or the IRA and borrow or take some of the funds.  Don’t do it!

I see bankruptcy clients every day who have used their 401k or their IRA to cover bills.  They come to see me after they have reduced or spent all of their retirement!  It’s too bad they didn’t see a bankruptcy attorney or competent financial adviser before that money was gone.

Almost all retirement accounts are considered exempt property.  That means that even after filing a bankruptcy, you’ll still have it.  But your debts, or most of them, will be gone.

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Collaborative Divorce in Jacksonville, Florida

Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Also Serving Nassau and St. John's County

Collaborative law is a relatively new way of approaching  divorce in Florida – it is quicker, more cost-effective and results in a completely personalized and unique agreement regarding all aspects of a divorce.  Instead of looking at marriage dissolution as a way to “get back” at the spouse who inflicted harm or betrayal upon the other, this type of divorce is meant to be entirely amicable and tailor-made to work for both parties.

At the beginning of the entire collaborative divorce process, you and your spouse and both attorneys that you are retaining independently will all sign an agreement that each person will work together to achieve an agreement.  In the event that no agreement is reached, both lawyers agree that they will withdraw from the case – it doesn’t benefit either lawyer if the case has to go to trial, and it is in everyone’s best interest to reach a resolution.  Both you and your spouse will still have your own Jacksonville collaborative divorce lawyer throughout the entire process.  These attorneys will advise you on the best course action during the collaborative procedure.